Winter Owl



"I'm just a worm,"
the little guy sighed,
"I'm ugly and green and small,
I have no legs; I have no feet,
All I can do is crawl."

"I have no ears, with which to hear,
No eyes, with which to see,
I have no mouth, I can't shout out,

Worms inch along as best they can,
They hide beneath the leaves,
And should a hungry bird swoop
down, They pray,

They avoid little boys,
Who are often troublesome,
And puppy dogs and kitty cats,
And fat frogs with sticky tongues,

They do not mean to grumble,
Though they have so many woes,
They cannot help but wonder,
Why the Lord was so disposed.

Why had God designed green worms?
Why devise such lowly creatures?
Why give them no redeeming grace,
Nor any special features?

Yet God is proud of all His children,
Whether they walk or crawl or fly,
And He loves all of His creations,
No matter what their size,

Somewhat distraught by the wee
worm's thoughts, God did revise His
plans, He gave each worm a little
house, So they'd feel as safe as clams.

Next He put them in a deep, deep sleep,
While miraculous things took place,
When they awoke, they were filled with
hope, And each had a smile on his face

They had tiny, wispy bodies,
With wings many times their size,
And with a pride they could not hide,
They now were butterflies!

They had wings like pretty flowers,
Dainty, delicate, and fine,
With more colors than a rainbow,
With more intricate design.

Isn't it strange how something so
plain, Can become a work of art?
No man can understand God's plans,
Nor the workings of His heart.

No man can do what God can do,
No matter how he tries,
No man can ever turn a worm,
Into a butterfly!

~Virginia( Ginny)Ellis~
Copyright © October 2007

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