Hello little sparrow are you enjoying the sun today?
I am just a little chipmunk like always on my way,
Have you ever seen a chipmunk climbing up a tree,
With his black and white coat as quickly as can be.
Normaly I gather food in underbrush on the ground,
To hide from all my Predators so I can not be found.
Today for insects, seeds & fruit up here as you can see,
We are creatures of the forest with a life that is so free,
With your daily music and all your freinds singing along,
I include my birdlike chatter that makes a harmonizing song.
I live in a burrow under the ground very very deep.
That is where I store my food and go when its time to sleep.
When I hibernate in the winter and you all no longer sing,
It will be quiet in the Forest untill we return in the Spring.

~Robert( Bobby) Millar~
03 October 2014

 Nature Sounds

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This page was designed for your
enjoyment and listening pleasure only
The background is a picture I took a few years ago
of a tree on fishpond in Fischbach Germany.
I animated a Sparrow & Chipmuck and added this in.
Added forest sounds and music in the background
and now the picture is alive.
By: Robert (Bobby) Millar
Schönau Germany

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