We opened our eyes just you and me,
On Ha'Penny Beach in the Caribbean Sea,
Warm sun on our face and wind in our hair,
With every breath the smell of salt in the air,

Out of the blue cloudless sky a seagull flies down,
Close to our heads with a load squawking sound,
Landing nearby on the white sandy floor,
As another gull flies back again off shore,

We both lay down under an old palm tree,
To relax and listen to the sounds of the sea,
Low tide like bubbles just fizzing around,
High tide a crashing thunderous sound,

Our eyes closed listening to all these things,
Are we really here or is it only a dream,
Awoken by a icy cold air stream,
"OH NO" It was only a dream.

~Robert ( Bobby)Millar~
15 February 2012

  Sea Dream 


 This Music mix I call Dream Beach
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