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Thank you all for your prayers - my Aunt is with the angels now.
I believe she was hiding just how sick she was and just how
much pain she had been in over the last year or so. She is
a person who would carry the burden of others without a
second thought but would never ask another to carry hers.
One of her favorite things to do was to throw an annual family
picnic each summer. The greatest part, other than the
delicious food, was what she did for all our children.
She shopped at yard sales all year long and collected toys ,
games, and crafts. At the end of the party she would put out
a big blanket and scatter all these goodies out and let the kids
come in and pick out what ever they wanted. Now, I am a kid
at the age of 50+ and she even had something there for me
last summer ... a counted cross stitch! Kind and thoughtful,
creative, talented, compassionate, honest, loyal, loving...


 Sweet Memories

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