A Drive thru Schoenau / Pfalz
Saturday 24 May 2013.

Sit back, relax & enjoy a drive thru our small Village Schoenau / Pfalz
with the clip publisher ~Karl-Heinz Wingerter~ ,Saturday 24 May 2013.
Starting from the direction of the Village Hirschthal at the south side of
our Villiage, driving by the 3 Star Landhotel Zur Wegelnburg on the left,
and a very old Timber framed house on the intersection then a right turn
with a round trip thru the narrow roads also with some old Timber framand
houses, rebuilt and new homes built after World War ll. Again at the same
intersection a left turn, to the right is The Restaurant Landhaus Mischler,
that peach colored house on the left is the house we live in, this clip ends
on the north side of Schoenau above the Camping area. There are only
two other roads here where he did not drive thru.
This clip was Published By ~Karl-Heinz Wingerter~ carly4711