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Farewell to summer winter is near,
Gone is the forest with all of her cheer,
Summer flowers now turn brown and die,
Leaves on the trees change colors and fly,

With colors of yellow, gold, and brown too,
Now fire and flames as the sun shines thru,
Throughout the forest they fall to the ground,
Twisting and turning not making a sound,

In the cool Autumn sun and morning haze,
Three deer stop by to drink and graze,
A squirrel gathers nuts and climbs up a tree.
As a trout in the pond catch the last flying bees,

~Robert ( Bobby)Millar~
8 February 2012



" Music (3:57min)"

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This page was designed and animated for your
enjoyment and listening pleasure only
by: Robert (Bobby) Millar
Schönau Germany

Background picture I took during our walk into France 2005,
Then added animation to make the picture look alive,
Each falling leaf, I picked up from the ground here,
Added a animated trout, squirrel & three deer.

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