She's just a tiny Angel...
Smaller than your thumb;

She lives in people's pockets,
That's where she has her fun.

Don't suppose you've ever seen her
She's too tiny to detect;

Though she's always with you,
I doubt you've ever met.

Before she was an Angel...
She was a fairy in a flower,

God, Himself picked her,
And gave her Angel power.

Now God has many Angels
That he trains in Angel schools;

They become His eyes, ears, hands,
And all His special tools.

Because God is so busy,
With so much to do;

He said that her assignment
Was to keep a watch on you.

He tucked her in your pocket,
Blessing you with Angel care.

Saying she must never leave you,
And she vowed to stay right there.

~Virginia( Ginny)Ellis~
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