The Forgotten Cold War former NIKE / HAWK
in the Palatinate Forest 12-2011?

This clip shows where I was stationed for one year in 1976,
The former US Army Alpha Battery, 4th Battalion, 1st ADA unit
This road leads up to where, the Nike Hawk Missile launching
area was located. Further up to the top of the road was the
Radar and control for the launching area. All located only
3 miles from Fischbach and only 4 miles from Schönau.
There is almost nothing left other then the forests and
lots memories of the many times I drove up this road
during the year I was stationed there. Clip Published
by carly4711 on 12 - 2011
This aerial view of the former Nike Hawk Missile launching
area shows all that is left, just forest and old paved areas.
This clip was taken from a Electric Airplane RC Aircraft,
Super Cub LP and Published by towbar555 on March 5, 2011